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On Unconventional Life, Jules Schroeder interviews successful Millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders on how they earn their living in non traditional ways - Each week in 30 minute interviews! Each of these individuals are at the top of their game in terms of revenue and reach in their respective industry, living life in the driver's seat beyond what is traditional or predictable. Unconventional Life was created for YOU, the Entrepreneur, Trailblazer, The Student who wants to pioneer their own path, The ONE stuck in a job you are wanting to quit to create the life you want. On this show you will learn, how each guest took the road less travelled, what their revenue model looks like, and why they are prioritizing their passion over their paycheck. Join the Unconventional Life movement at and enter to win the free weekly prize giveaway of useful tools, content, and resources from the show's guests.
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Jul 26, 2021

Sara Dann is an entrepreneur and business consultant who has built a multi-million dollar business dedicated to helping women monetize their brilliance over the past nine years.

Through her group programs, digital courses, 1:1 coaching, as well as her podcast, You're Fucking Welcome, she has helped thousands of women learn how to combine strategy with soul to create successful businesses.  

Overall, Sarah emphasizes how living life while staying true to yourself—and sticking to your original plans—often brings in the best results.

“It means not settling for the norm, allowing yourself to really honor what you want and go after it.”

More From Sarah:

Podcast - 

Website - 

Instagram: @saradann_

Facebook: Sara Dann, Business Coach

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Sarah is giving away her You’re Fucking Welcome audio workbook to a lucky listener.

Jul 19, 2021

Before he made his Best Sellers, Jack was living a comfortable life selling corporate insurance. Only after the death of his dad did he consider a career in writing.

It was a humbling experience for Jack, but it was a dark period of grieving. He turned to alcohol and filling up hundreds of notebooks with his writing that he kept to himself. It was only after the recommendation of a friend did he decide to share his work on Instagram. One post every day, up until today. He found a niche of people by the thousands that could relate to his words.

Empathizing with other writers who are torn between their market and being authentic, he shares with us this mantra, reminding us why we make art.

More from Jack

Instagram: j.raymond


Books: Jack Raymond is the author of Spades, Concrete Music, Yellow #5, and a new release titled Lush

Jul 12, 2021

Raised in Trinidad, Paul found a love for nature and the abundance of life around him. With the bond he made with the natural wonder of his surroundings—and his curiosity—Paul found himself walking a swervey path into the realm of Calligraphy. 

Paul stresses that like any artist, or writer, the art of Calligraphy also requires emotion. He says that as he writes his pieces, he leaves himself open to his emotions and true to his inner feelings. Though there is a level of focus that must be kept to ensure a steady hand, Paul encourages one to also be free when writing.

Even now as Paul pursues other crafts such as heraldry, meditation, and teaching, he still hasn’t lost the dedication and love that he has for calligraphy, passing on his passion to his students and living by the principles he has learned through his years of practising arts.


More from Paul:

Instagram - @pascribe

YouTube PAScribe

Facebook PAScribe

Twitter - @PAScribe

Website -


Jul 6, 2021

With social media being a massive platform for interaction, it wouldn’t be surprising for someone to want to be an influencer. But with so many established people in the industry, where do you even start? Online Educator and travel influencer Christina Galbato says that it’s about knowing your niche.  

Christina Galbato is a social media influencer, online educator, and digital marketing expert. After building a successful career as a travel influencer and working with brands like Ritz-Carlton, Mazda, and lululemon, Christina pivoted into online education. She built a 7-figure business helping thousands of women build careers influencers & bloggers. She has been featured in CNN and Forbes and was a speaker at AdWord 2020. She is also the host of the top-rated entrepreneurship podcast Her Life By Design.

More from Christina:

IG - @ChristinaGalbato

Website -

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Jun 28, 2021

Raised in the countryside of Sweden, Erik’s spark for whimsical sceneries was brought by the beauty and simplicity of his life as a child. “Modifying realities has always been natural to me,” he says. Erik points out how he used to spend his time drawing rather than talking, and his work was inspired by the rural landscape he was born in.

He spoke of his creative process and stressed how creativity isn’t something you can force yourself to have. Rather drawing is an activity that gradually improves the more you do it.

Even though he only publishes a few of his personal work in a year, Erik takes pride in his pieces and the arduous artistry that goes into his photographs.

More from Erik:

Instagram - @Erik.JOH

Website -

Jun 21, 2021

Starting out as a math teacher and gradually shifting into his current career, Charlie points out the misconception that people are born creative or talented. Rather he says that it's more about the effort you put out and the passion that you have, which makes something feel “authentic”. 

Being in the comedy industry for more than four years, he clarifies that he has also been in creative slumps. His advice for anyone who feels as though they’ve become stale or just wants to improve is to put yourself in a “live environment”.

More from Charlie:

Youtube - Charlie Hopkinson

SkillShare – 

Merchandise - 

Twitter - c_hopkinson

Facebook - Voiceraptor

Snapchat - chopkinson92

Patreon - Charlie Hopkinson

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Jun 15, 2021

Arden Kaywin is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach pioneering holistic, transformative performance techniques for singers.

The renowned songstress and vocal coach make it a point that the real problem isn’t in the small mistakes we make, but in the lack of foundation. As a performer, technique and artistry are essential, but to be connected and impactful requires mindfulness.

She compares traditional training to a rocket ship where you add new technology to it, but it would never launch if it lacks fuel.

This fuel is what she calls the Soul Piece or the purpose of a person called to do, partnered with the right mentality.

Through her Intensive Program, she helps professional singers all over the world make a bigger impact with their voice to grow fulfilling, sustainable careers.

More from Arden

Facebook- Pro Singer Success Collective


YouTube Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio

Instagram: @ardenkaywinvocalstudio

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Arden will be posting a link to a free masterclass on the website for singers who want to learn more about mindfulness and the career they’re taking.

Jun 7, 2021

The driven genius Ariel Garten shows us that it’s not about choosing what to do first, rather it’s about choosing to take action and turn your passion into results.

“My outlet has changed but the intention has not”

Her big visions and her thirst for creation made it possible for Muse to grow into what it is today.

For Ariel, it was not just her talent and brain that made her successful, but also her unwavering determination.

More from Ariel

Muse - 

Follow her IG @ariels_musings

Add her on FB Ariel Garten Muse


For one lucky listener, Ariel will be giving away a Muse 2 headband.

May 31, 2021

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995.

He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, How to Build a Successful Food Relief, and the Food for Life Training Manual.

He has travelled to 72 countries over the last 37 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.

He recently launched a social enterprise called feedOM that provides a cost-efficient way for socially responsible brands to give back in a measurable way and get recognized. 

More from Paul


Food for Life:

Business owners can support through:

LinkedIn: Paul Rodney Turner



For one lucky listener, Paul will be giving away a copy of his 2 books -- Food Yoga, and The 7 maxims for Soul Happiness

May 24, 2021

Some of you might recall the name Joshua Greenfield from the renowned entertainment duo Brothers Green. Together with his sibling Mike, the two went viral online for their fun chemistry in the kitchen which made it to the airwaves of MTV, airing internationally.

This was the picture of success for most entertainers and artists, but Joshua shares with us today his new found happiness from stepping away from the spotlight.

In this episode, he talked about:

  • Life after leaving fame
  • His journey to self-discovery
  • Grounding and the science that surrounds it

More from Joshua

YouTube: You Enjoy Life

TikTok: You Enjoy Life

Instagram: @youenjoylife

Books: Cooking with your Best friend & Conversations with your Best friend

May 18, 2021

There is no substitute for the human connection of being in the same place with your co-workers. Being in a group huddle or any project meeting has become this tiring task of listening to words rather than a sharing of ideas, and connecting. Little sees this as an obstacle to productivity and good leadership, but how can we get around this inescapable part of remote work?

Josh says that we need these online conversations due to the current circumstances and leadership itself that needs to change.

“The answer is not in talking less, but in talking differently.”

More from Josh


Josh's Pickles: 


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May 10, 2021

Music is an art form that has lived the longest and has connected the most people. It’s also a crowded industry that never fails to attract new young artists, and for NewReleaseToday president Kevin McNeese, it has been his mission and business to find an audience for these new voices.

Starting his site NewRelease Today back in 2002, it has grown to be one of the largest Christian music platforms with over 400,000 monthly visitors and 167,000 subscribers to its newsletter. Working with dozens of mostly independent artists, he shares with us how much of the music industry has changed and what it takes to get an audience.

More from Kevin


IG @newreleasetoday


May 3, 2021

Fresh off watching the Seaspiracy documentary, software engineer and Ardor SEO founder Kris Reid was thinking of making a donation to the Sea Shepherd organization to help the environment but he understood that there was more he could do.

Following the lessons learned from 80/20: Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall, Kris notes that all transactions involve risks, and taking away that risk through a well-designed strategy has increased their sales significantly. He simplifies this strategy to three parts that we can start right now.

  1. Beautiful websites don’t sell things, words do
  2. Build authority
  3. Stick to your Queen Bee role

More from Kris

For those who want to stay in touch with him, Kris says to search “the coolest guy in SEO” and if you don't see his face, Google is broken.


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Also, business owners can go to where Kris will personally make a video presentation for you and point out changes you can make to improve your website traffic.

Apr 26, 2021

Like many kids, Rich didn’t know much about other diseases and didn’t quite yet understand why a hospital can’t cure his brother, Terry. He's one of the 30 million who are impacted and there's a number of rare diseases out there, Duchenne is one of them, there are still over 7000 others.

Sharing his story with us, Rich explains that growing up, he would watch other kids play and run around while his brother was growing weaker and weaker, and every doctor they went to would give them the same answer, that there was no treatment.

As he got older and started asking bigger questions, the brutal reality dawned on him.

More from Rich and Cure Rare Disease


IG: @cureraredisease

FB: @CureRareDisease


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Rich will be giving a 30-minute session where you can openly talk to him about your experience with a rare disease and he will try to help out.

Apr 19, 2021

In our talk with Certified Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist Melissa Kathryn, she takes us for a quick meditation session and guides us to “let the answers in” as our conscious thoughts step back and we ask our bodies about how to solve our fears.

Melissa shares with us the MK method which she has been following and teaching people in order to change their lives, whether it be an issue with weight, diet, or general emotional and trauma healing.

She shares that the beauty of her work is when she gets to empower women through her coaching and her story of surviving cancer, but she notes that people also need to realize that they can look within to find their own answers and be their own inspiration.

More from Melissa


Podcast: Wholeness with Melissa Kathryn 

Instagram: @melissa.kathryn

Facebook: Wholeness with Melissa Kathryn

Apr 12, 2021

For certified life coach and Contagious Love author Carla Romo, the field of Love isn’t as pretty as Hollywood makes it and often it requires a lot of self-work. To find it, one needs to not only “get over” emotional scars but also be empowered in loving themselves.

Learning from experience, she now empowers lots of hopeful romantics to put themselves first and not go down this path of self-sabotage in hopes of being loved. Carla shares with us three tips that we can use to start loving ourselves more and not settle for toxic relationships.

  1. Know the story you’re telling yourself.
  2. Create Space for your feelings.
  3. Don’t paint Red Flags green.

More from Carla


Instagram: @iamcarlaromo

Podcast: The Love Fix


Carla will be giving away a coaching session worth $250 for free, and can be done virtually anywhere around the world.

Apr 5, 2021

At an early age, he was exposed to the topic of mental health and conditions particularly ADHD. He witnessed how his two siblings were examined by their father, and how much they rejected the medication that he gave them. As research in neuroscience expanded over the decades and therapy improved, Aziz now finds himself as the CEO of Myndlift, and building on the breakthrough that is Neurofeedback.

Even though they have made treatment for mental health more accessible, Aziz acknowledges that the stigma of mental health treatment is still there. Many countries and parts of our communities are still associating it with disability and jumping to uneducated conclusions on the topic of mental conditions, but there are noticeable signs of acceptance in more areas.

He says that during this time of COVID-19 where many of us are stuck at home, many are starting to see the importance of mental health.

More from Aziz and Myndlift

Follow them at their Instagram page @myndlift

Visit their website at


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Aziz will be giving away a one-month free trial of Myndlift including the kit.



Mar 29, 2021

Under all the fancy suits and business trips, the pains of growing a company from scratch take a tremendous toll on one's physical and mental health, and for Naked Underwear to become what it is today, Joel went through stress and fatigue that resulted in his hospitalization, and nearly ended his marriage as well hurting his relationship with his daughter.

Joel describes that his current path for growth isn’t about acquiring more but rather stepping back and letting go.

Though he is still chasing success and still not straying far from the business field, he is now being more cautious and is encouraging people not to divide themselves between work and life.

More from Joel

Get his book and follow him at his blow:

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Mar 22, 2021

“Love and gratitude are the same frequency; they're just labelled differently by the human mind,” that is according to influencer and Angel Coach Emily Rivera. Having met her first master at the age of five, she is constantly visited by Divine manifestations who show her visions and messages that she shares with others. She is now teaching others to listen to the guides—she refers to as the Saints of Light—to see beyond the panic and experience clarity in their life.

Using her platform, Awakened Superhuman, she collaborates with other educators and teaches others to listen to their guides and be more comfortable in saying “Yes” because as it was told to her, “You are inevitable.”

Despite how dark these past days may have been, Emily still encourages people to constantly be grateful, listen to their guides, and trust what they feel is right.


More From Emily

Angel Coach: 

Awakened Superhuman: 

Instagram: @theangelcoach @awakenedsuperhuman

Club House: @theangelcoach

Mar 15, 2021

Youtube is one of the many strange places on the internet where you find yourself spending hours upon hours, jumping from algebra lessons to cat videos, to a crash course in philosophy, and to videos about a dance group carrying a coffin. It entertains, educates, but as Aleric Heck of AdOutreach found out, it can also make millions.

Aleric, before being the president of his own company, made his first exploits on Youtube through a review channel called AppFind which impressed the heck out of a client. So much so that they invited him to work for them.

He understood that there was more to Youtube than cat videos and Top 10 countdowns which is why he is encouraging everyone to dive into this new era of content advertising.

He also encourages businesses to diversify their online presence in multiple platforms—omnipresence as Aleric put it—where he spends at least $50 a day, testing new platforms.

More from Aleric

Get his program and services: 

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Aleric will be giving away two hour-long training sessions -Youtube Ads and  Omnipresent Retargeting

Mar 8, 2021

For Australian record holder Adam Stern, freediving isn’t just a sport. Sharing with us his passion and love of everything it has taught him, Adam has taken the competition out of the water and made it his way of life.

One day in Koh Tao, Thailand, he came across a sign that offered freediving lessons which then led to the athlete and Youtuber who we know now as Adam Freediver.

For him, the unconventional life means to always be in control of himself—liberating freedom wherein he can choose to do what he is passionate about, and he is also wishing that people also have the courage to take that brave step of taking control and make the most of that one breath we all have.

More from Adam

Follow his work at 

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Instagram: @adamfreediver

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Facebook: Adam Stern Freediver


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Adam will be giving away a digital beginner course on freediving to a lucky listener where he will walk you through the fundamentals of freediving in 53 video sessions.

Mar 1, 2021

Before Jeremy Ryan Slate was dubbed a Top Influencer by Forbes, the young Oxford graduate made money through some handy-man jobs, before teaching at a high school. Now he hosts the Create Your Own Life podcast that studies people of excellence, and the Command Your Brand Media that helps businesses optimize their PR strategy. Here are three tricks he shared with us to increase your reach and audience.

  1. The First 24 Hours, Make The Biggest Mark
  2. Know What Makes You Different
  3. Content is King

It was this consistency and dedication to the show that earned Jeremy his place in iTunes Top 100 and the number spot in the business category. Jeremy noted that even American entrepreneur Dave Asprey found time for his show after half a year of follow-ups.

This intense dedication to the show’s subscribers is also reflecting in Jeremy’s ad campaign strategy, which he shares with us, that utilizes Retargeting Ads, a formula for making viral 30-second videos, and even noting the relevance of LinkedIn—a relatively smaller social media site with a more professional audience—to extend his reach and promotion of the show.

More from Jeremy

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Instagram @jeremyryanslate


Jeremy will be giving away the “7 Reasons that You’re Not Getting Booked in Your Favourite Podcast” blueprint to a lucky listener.

Feb 15, 2021

Even before the word COVID-19 was carved into our minds, entrepreneur, writer, influencer and surfer Kristin Wilson has been working from home and advocating remote work for the past 18 years.

Now, Wilson is lending her knowledge to help people, relocate and live better lives without being stuck in an office space. An “advocate” of WFH years before the pandemic, she has worked as a digital nomad and has preached its benefits through her writing in Medium, and Quora, as well as her YouTube channel Traveling with Kristin, and podcast, Badass Digital Nomads.

“I'm just on this path to share everything I've learned about creating your own job, working remotely or living in foreign countries, and just living life on your own terms.”

More from Kristin

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Feb 8, 2021

They say experience is the best teacher, but they never tell you how often cruel the teaching method is of this metaphorical professor. As we spin this thread of life we are on, we’re constantly caught off guard no matter how much we prepare, but how we deal with these setbacks and surprises is what shapes us as people.

For Lawyer and School of Love NYC founder, Monica Parikh, her unexpected divorce with her husband was a dark time in her life but it was also the spark that started her journey to guide professionals and young people through the confusing world of intimate relationships.

She shares with us three tools that you may add to better your relationships, not just in love but in life, holistically.

  • Set your boundaries
  • Look inward
  • Take care of yourself

More from Monica

Visit her website 


Monica gives coaching sessions to high-profile individuals and CEOs for up to $500 a session, but she will be giving away a one-on-one coaching session to a lucky listener for free.

Feb 1, 2021

The golf's attention to detail sparked the inspiring vision of Development Coach Thane Marcus.

He says golf and personal development invoke similar ideas, as the outcome is solely dependent on the individual. Golf requires training and being aware of his needs and strengths -- which he says is necessary for our lives.

"Being a good leader always starts with being a good leader of yourself."

For Thane, the best way to take charge of your life was to let go of what you can't control, and instead, change how you perceive yourself in that situation.

More from Thane

Visit his website

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IG @thanemarcus

Twitter @thanemarcus

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Thane is giving away one of his two new online courses to a lucky listener. A class on growing self-awareness while the other is an eight-week course on developing self-discipline.

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