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On Unconventional Life, Jules Schroeder interviews successful Millennial entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and thought leaders on how they earn their living in non traditional ways - Each week in 30 minute interviews! Each of these individuals are at the top of their game in terms of revenue and reach in their respective industry, living life in the driver's seat beyond what is traditional or predictable. Unconventional Life was created for YOU, the Entrepreneur, Trailblazer, The Student who wants to pioneer their own path, The ONE stuck in a job you are wanting to quit to create the life you want. On this show you will learn, how each guest took the road less travelled, what their revenue model looks like, and why they are prioritizing their passion over their paycheck. Join the Unconventional Life movement at and enter to win the free weekly prize giveaway of useful tools, content, and resources from the show's guests.
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Nov 30, 2021

Leah Gervais is a revolutionary business coach who turned a side hustle into a full-size business that earns six figures per month. She is a passionate traveller and New Yorker at heart. 

Leah is passionate about helping her clients prioritize their dreams and turn their whole lives around to accommodate those dreams. She founded Urban20Something - her first side hustle blog with one goal in mind - to help younger professionals successfully scale an online side hustle to the point of it exceeding the usual 9-5 job. It was when that side hustle started earning more than her 9 to 5, that Leah saw the true potential of working on a passion and dedicated her life to helping others do the same.

More from Leah

Blog -

Website - 

Instagram - leahgervais_

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Leah and her team are giving away a free coaching session to a listener to help them grow their service-based business and help them make better decisions.

Nov 22, 2021

Our wounds are an opening into the best and most beautiful part of us, the same couldn’t be truer for musician and entrepreneur Adena Sampson. Born with a fragile body and a broken home, Adena learned to value what was whole and let the light seep through the cracks.

Seeing herself in the lost and the broken, she now offers her talents as a musician and her experience as a fellow survivor of trauma to help others find their way and make peace with the cause of their pain. Today, she uses her voice through her albums, books, and mentoring sessions to reach out to thousands of people, spreading a single message – “You are not alone.”

More from Adena

Website - 

IG - @adenasampson

FB - Adena Sampson

LinkedIn - Adena Sampson

YouTube - Adena Sampson

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One lucky listener will get a free One-on-one breakthrough session with Adena that you can schedule on her website.

Nov 15, 2021

Mike Silvestrini is a co-founder and managing partner at Energea, a renewable energy retail investment platform. Since launching the
company’s first solar energy offering in August 2020, Energea has raised more than $65 million to invest in its Africa, Brazil and the U.S. portfolios.

To date, retail investors have realized a 12.27% IRR. Prior to Energea, Mike was co-founder and CEO of one of the largest commercial and industrial solar firms in the U.S. He managed multiple renewable energy funds worth more than $500 million in
aggregate and oversaw the development of more than 400 renewable energy projects.

“We’re trying to show a for-profit approach to our profession and have the result be more good things for the earth."

More From Mike

IG -

FB - Energea Global

Twitter - @energeaglobal

Energea - 

LinkedIn - Mike Silvestrini


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For our lucky listener, Mike is going to give away a $500 investment to any of the portfolios on the Energea website.

Nov 8, 2021

Tina Wells is a business strategist, advisor, author, and the founder of RLVNT Media, a multimedia content venture serving entrepreneurs, tweens and culturists with authentic representation.

She is also the author of seven books, including the best-selling tween fiction series Mackenzie Blue, its 2020 spinoff series, The Zee Files, and the marketing handbook, Chasing Youth Culture and Getting It Right.

Tina always believed in making a vision really clear and doing everything she could to get that vision across.

“I am always striving for work-life harmony. I don't really believe work-life balance exists, but I believe in harmony in creating the life that we want.”

More of Tina

Website -

IG - @tinawells

LinkedIn - Tina Wells

Facebook - Tina Wells

Twitter - @tinacwells

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Tina Wells is giving away a signed set of the first four books of her Zee Files series. Zee files is a fun series that she wrote exclusively for Target that drops on November 9. Whoever wins will get all four books and have them before they go on sale!


Nov 1, 2021

Dr. Mark Goulston is the co-founder of Michelangelo Mindset which has been nominated for a 2021 Breakthrough Idea Award by Thinkers50, which is the Oscars of management thinking and ideas. He is also the inventor of Surgical Empathy an approach he used for 25 years with suicidal patients and during which time none of them died by suicide. He is the author or co/author of nine books with his book, "Just Listen," becoming the top book on listening in the world. He is the host of the My Wakeup Call podcast, which is ranked in the top 1.5% of podcasts.

More from Mark

Website: and

Podcast: My Wakeup Call

LinkedIn: Dr Mark Goulston

IG: @markgoulston

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For one lucky listener, Mark is offering his time to listen and have a conversation with you.

Oct 25, 2021

Aurora Winter, MBA, is an award-winning, bestselling author. She is a successful serial entrepreneur, media trainer, creator of the Spoken Author™ method, and founder of Same Page Publishing.

She left her lucrative career as a TV executive decades ago to become a full-time author, trainer, and entrepreneur. Using storytelling for business, she created a life of freedom, creativity, and contribution. Now she helps her clients turn their words into wealth, wisdom, and wonder.

More from Aurora



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One lucky listener gets to receive a hardcover copy of her two latest books “Turn your Words into Wealth” and “Marketing Fast Track”.

Oct 18, 2021

Melanie Aronson is the founder of Panion, an community management platform that provides an empathy-driven framework for creating safe and inclusive spaces of connection both online and offline.

Living an international life and hopping from place to place, the newness of it all was a familiar feeling to Melanie as she was an enthusiast of the world’s uncertainties. The challenge of immersing herself in the unknown, combined with her natural fascination for new experiences different communities had to offer, became the life-blood of her work as a documentarian.

Her story leaves us with one last message - that living an unconventional life could just happen out of nowhere and that the journey to growth is better when shared.

More from Melanie

Panion - 

Instagram - @eyeingtheworld 

Twitter - Melanie Aronson (@melaniearonson)

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Melanie would love to give one lucky listener a community consultation for migrating communities, or advice on how to build and run your own community online or offline.

Oct 11, 2021

It is often said that “success is a journey, not a destination.” This can’t be truer for the travel vlogger and nomadic influencer Kach Medina

In 2013, Kach headed off backpacking to Southeast Asia. From there, she flew to different countries to explore more. In late 2014, having embraced a nomadic lifestyle, she began travel blogging on a full-time basis. Then after four years of adventure travelling followed by two years of sailing the Caribbean, she moved and bought a stone house villa in Herceg Novi, Montenegro, in 2019 to start a new expat life.

Paving the way with every article she posts, Kach is now a devoted writer and wandering enthusiast who has made it her life’s mission to spread the joys of travelling. She makes it a point that the journey isn’t about the best spots or the most expensive food a country can offer; it's about the act of finding yourself lost in new experiences.

Catch more of Kach

Two Monkeys Travel Group - 

Instagram - @2MonkeysTravel/@kach.howe

Facebook - 2 Monkeys Travel/Kach Howe

Twitter - @2MonkeysTravel

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Kach is giving away a free 1-hour visa coaching service for moving into a new country to a lucky listener.

Oct 5, 2021

Everyone has a story they want to tell, and the author-writing coach Dr Angela Lauria has helped thousands of aspiring authors to take those stories and share them with the world.

Dr Angela E. Lauria is the founder of The Author Incubator™ and creator of the Difference Process™ for writing a book that matters. The Author Incubator was ranked #275 on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies and #60 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur 360. Dr Angela won the Stevie Award’s Coach/Mentor of the Year Award and her program, The Author’s Way was named Coaching Program of the Year and was named, by Entrepreneur Magazine, as one of the top 10 most inspiring entrepreneurs to watch – one of only 2 women on the list.

More from Angela:

The Author Incubator - 

Facebook - The Author Incubator

YouTube - The Author Incubator

LinkedIn - The Author Incubator

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For one lucky listener who is planning to, or has already written a book, Angela would love to do an intuitive reading of your book using her crystal spirit deck, seeing the possible future success of your writings.

Sep 13, 2021

A/J Jackson; songwriter, director, and perhaps best known as the lead singer of the international platinum-selling rock band Saint Motel. He is also the founder of AVIEW, a new sunglasses brand bringing you shades in every hue of the rainbow. 

AJ started his career as the vocalist for Saint Motel, bringing new sounds and their own reinvention of music to the world. This led to their band gaining traction in the indie-pop scene. But AJ’s creativity didn’t stop there. He found himself in the movie-making industry and, somehow, even starting up his own eyewear company, AVIEW. Like a comet through the sky, AJ doesn’t seem to have a stop button when it comes to bringing his ideas to life.

More From AJ and Saint Motel:


IG - @avieweyewear


Saint Motel - 

IG - @saintmotel

FB- Saint Motel

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One lucky listener will get a free pair of AVIEW glasses of their choice.

Sep 6, 2021

Hollywood producer Gary Goldstein shares the glam and gloom on the journey he took before becoming a film legend producing for movies like Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies, etc.

He came to LA with no connections and no film experience.  Started as a literary manager, then went from producing Indie films like Cannibal Women to award-winning blockbusters.

Along the way, he launched careers for dozens of talented screenwriters and other creatives. 

More from Gary:

Facebook - @garywgoldstein
Twitter - @garywgoldstein
YouTube Gary W Goldstein

Instagram: @garywgoldstein

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Gary would love to have a one-on-one call with a lucky listener to talk about life, experiences, and all sorts of random things.

Aug 30, 2021

Making the first investment can be a scary decision, but as real estate investor and Touzi Capital CEO, Eng Taing tells us, self-doubt leads to missed opportunities.

Eng is the CEO & Founder of Touzi Capital and is an experienced real estate investor with $150M assets under management. He is an economist by training, from the Wharton School of Business. He also has experience leading data science and analytics at Apple, Capital One and AT&T. Touzi Capital focuses on high cash flow investments and providing passive income to investors by acquiring and optimizing multifamily, industrial, senior living assets and offering investments in Blockchain and Pre IPO stock, among other things.

More about Eng:

Touzi Capital -

LinkedIn - Eng Taing 

FB - Touzi Capital

IG - engtaingofficial

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One lucky listener will get a chance to have a consulting session with Eng on investments, real estate, and pursuing financial freedom.

Aug 23, 2021

As the saying goes, "if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, bring company." This couldn't be truer for the dynamic duo, Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik, founders of the Women's Business League.

After experiencing the shortcomings and challenges of networking for women, Melissa Gilbo and Amy Pocsik launched the Women's Business League (WBL), a national networking community for female entrepreneurs and businesswomen. When the business began to snowball and catapult their own efforts, both women left their six-figure salaries to pour their passion and experience into WBL. And they've never looked back. WBL now has 40 chapters, which are located in over 14 states and growing.

More from Amy and Melissa:

Women’s Business League - 

IG - @womensbusinessleague

FB - Women’s Business League


One lucky listener will be receiving a free one-hour entrepreneurial coaching session from Melissa and Amy.

Aug 16, 2021

Miro Heyink is the Founder of Manifest X, a community for high-performing conscious entrepreneurs to turn their wildest business dreams into reality.

He’s worked with Former NFL super bowl champions, award-winning actors, UN employees, 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs, and top digital marketing agencies worldwide.

Although a mentor for impact-driven entrepreneurs, and a proud, loving dad, Miro has overcome many challenges to reach where he is today.

More from Miro:

Manifest X - 

Instagram - @heromethod

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 A lucky listener will be receiving a $1000 dollar discount to a 7-day Thailand retreat and workshop. Listeners may also head over to his website for a free online workshop called the "High Ticket Avatar Alignment".

Aug 9, 2021

Jesse Krieger is a serial entrepreneur, publisher for the passionate and founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press. He believes it’s possible to change the world with your words!

Starting a music label was the first step Jesse took into the world of Business. Today, his simple dreams of making music have grown into a mission. Now he helps aspiring entrepreneurs make the most out of their passion by putting it into words.

More from Jesse:

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press - 

PowerFan - 

Facebook: Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press

Youtube: Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press

LinkedIn: Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press

Twitter: Jesse Krieger

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One lucky listener will receive 5000 Pfan tokens which they can use on the PowerFan website to access NFT exclusive opportunities.

Aug 2, 2021

For the visual artist and renowned dancer and choreographer, Susan Slotnick, finding her purpose started with a humble love for dancing, and a passion for healing and reformation.

Today, even at the tender age of 76, she still conducts dance classes at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility and DFY (Division For Youth prison) every Friday and Sunday to bring the joy of modern dance to incarcerated men and boys under the auspices of RTA Rehabilitation through the Arts.

Through her passion for the arts and her desire to bring healing to the world, she has helped countless men and women live reformed lives with their newfound freedom through dance.

More From Susan:

Website - 

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Susan will be giving a copy of her book Flight: The Dance of Freedom for free to one lucky listener.

Jul 26, 2021

Sara Dann is an entrepreneur and business consultant who has built a multi-million dollar business dedicated to helping women monetize their brilliance over the past nine years.

Through her group programs, digital courses, 1:1 coaching, as well as her podcast, You're Fucking Welcome, she has helped thousands of women learn how to combine strategy with soul to create successful businesses.  

Overall, Sarah emphasizes how living life while staying true to yourself—and sticking to your original plans—often brings in the best results.

“It means not settling for the norm, allowing yourself to really honor what you want and go after it.”

More From Sarah:

Podcast - 

Website - 

Instagram: @saradann_

Facebook: Sara Dann, Business Coach

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Sarah is giving away her You’re Fucking Welcome audio workbook to a lucky listener.

Jul 19, 2021

Before he made his Best Sellers, Jack was living a comfortable life selling corporate insurance. Only after the death of his dad did he consider a career in writing.

It was a humbling experience for Jack, but it was a dark period of grieving. He turned to alcohol and filling up hundreds of notebooks with his writing that he kept to himself. It was only after the recommendation of a friend did he decide to share his work on Instagram. One post every day, up until today. He found a niche of people by the thousands that could relate to his words.

Empathizing with other writers who are torn between their market and being authentic, he shares with us this mantra, reminding us why we make art.

More from Jack

Instagram: j.raymond


Books: Jack Raymond is the author of Spades, Concrete Music, Yellow #5, and a new release titled Lush

Jul 12, 2021

Raised in Trinidad, Paul found a love for nature and the abundance of life around him. With the bond he made with the natural wonder of his surroundings—and his curiosity—Paul found himself walking a swervey path into the realm of Calligraphy. 

Paul stresses that like any artist, or writer, the art of Calligraphy also requires emotion. He says that as he writes his pieces, he leaves himself open to his emotions and true to his inner feelings. Though there is a level of focus that must be kept to ensure a steady hand, Paul encourages one to also be free when writing.

Even now as Paul pursues other crafts such as heraldry, meditation, and teaching, he still hasn’t lost the dedication and love that he has for calligraphy, passing on his passion to his students and living by the principles he has learned through his years of practising arts.


More from Paul:

Instagram - @pascribe

YouTube PAScribe

Facebook PAScribe

Twitter - @PAScribe

Website -


Jul 6, 2021

With social media being a massive platform for interaction, it wouldn’t be surprising for someone to want to be an influencer. But with so many established people in the industry, where do you even start? Online Educator and travel influencer Christina Galbato says that it’s about knowing your niche.  

Christina Galbato is a social media influencer, online educator, and digital marketing expert. After building a successful career as a travel influencer and working with brands like Ritz-Carlton, Mazda, and lululemon, Christina pivoted into online education. She built a 7-figure business helping thousands of women build careers influencers & bloggers. She has been featured in CNN and Forbes and was a speaker at AdWord 2020. She is also the host of the top-rated entrepreneurship podcast Her Life By Design.

More from Christina:

IG - @ChristinaGalbato

Website -

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One lucky listener will get a chance to join Christina's Influencer boot camp that teaches you how to establish your brand on social media.

Jun 28, 2021

Raised in the countryside of Sweden, Erik’s spark for whimsical sceneries was brought by the beauty and simplicity of his life as a child. “Modifying realities has always been natural to me,” he says. Erik points out how he used to spend his time drawing rather than talking, and his work was inspired by the rural landscape he was born in.

He spoke of his creative process and stressed how creativity isn’t something you can force yourself to have. Rather drawing is an activity that gradually improves the more you do it.

Even though he only publishes a few of his personal work in a year, Erik takes pride in his pieces and the arduous artistry that goes into his photographs.

More from Erik:

Instagram - @Erik.JOH

Website -

Jun 21, 2021

Starting out as a math teacher and gradually shifting into his current career, Charlie points out the misconception that people are born creative or talented. Rather he says that it's more about the effort you put out and the passion that you have, which makes something feel “authentic”. 

Being in the comedy industry for more than four years, he clarifies that he has also been in creative slumps. His advice for anyone who feels as though they’ve become stale or just wants to improve is to put yourself in a “live environment”.

More from Charlie:

Youtube - Charlie Hopkinson

SkillShare – 

Merchandise - 

Twitter - c_hopkinson

Facebook - Voiceraptor

Snapchat - chopkinson92

Patreon - Charlie Hopkinson

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Charlie is willing to do a single voice impression of 200 words specially recorded for one lucky listener.

Jun 15, 2021

Arden Kaywin is a singer, songwriter and vocal coach pioneering holistic, transformative performance techniques for singers.

The renowned songstress and vocal coach make it a point that the real problem isn’t in the small mistakes we make, but in the lack of foundation. As a performer, technique and artistry are essential, but to be connected and impactful requires mindfulness.

She compares traditional training to a rocket ship where you add new technology to it, but it would never launch if it lacks fuel.

This fuel is what she calls the Soul Piece or the purpose of a person called to do, partnered with the right mentality.

Through her Intensive Program, she helps professional singers all over the world make a bigger impact with their voice to grow fulfilling, sustainable careers.

More from Arden

Facebook- Pro Singer Success Collective


YouTube Arden Kaywin Vocal Studio

Instagram: @ardenkaywinvocalstudio

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Arden will be posting a link to a free masterclass on the website for singers who want to learn more about mindfulness and the career they’re taking.

Jun 7, 2021

The driven genius Ariel Garten shows us that it’s not about choosing what to do first, rather it’s about choosing to take action and turn your passion into results.

“My outlet has changed but the intention has not”

Her big visions and her thirst for creation made it possible for Muse to grow into what it is today.

For Ariel, it was not just her talent and brain that made her successful, but also her unwavering determination.

More from Ariel

Muse - 

Follow her IG @ariels_musings

Add her on FB Ariel Garten Muse


For one lucky listener, Ariel will be giving away a Muse 2 headband.

May 31, 2021

Paul Turner co-founded Food for Life Global in 1995.

He is a former monk, a veteran of the World Bank, entrepreneur, holistic life coach, vegan chef and author of 6 books, including, FOOD YOGA, How to Build a Successful Food Relief, and the Food for Life Training Manual.

He has travelled to 72 countries over the last 37 years helping to establish Food for Life projects, train volunteers, and document their success.

He recently launched a social enterprise called feedOM that provides a cost-efficient way for socially responsible brands to give back in a measurable way and get recognized. 

More from Paul


Food for Life:

Business owners can support through:

LinkedIn: Paul Rodney Turner



For one lucky listener, Paul will be giving away a copy of his 2 books -- Food Yoga, and The 7 maxims for Soul Happiness

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